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Fiber Laser Cutter for Sheet Metal Fabrication in USA

Our metal-cutting machines use a variety of innovative metal-cutting laser machine technologies to perform various functions with high performance. Baiwei’s metal laser cutting machines guarantee precise and consistent cuts. Our products have proven time and time again that they are one of the fastest returns on investment in manufacturing. Stability and versatility make Baiwei products stand out.

Metal laser cutting systems are equipped with our most innovative fiber laser cutting technology for accurate and fast cutting of metal sheets. Our metal laser cutting machines are designed to cut a variety of metals including stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

For operators of metal laser cutting machines, productivity is an important factor for success. The Baiwei cutting head excels in metal laser cutting because it cuts sheet metal of varying thicknesses without manual intervention. This is achieved through the special optics of our innovative metal laser cutting head, which allow the CNC control unit to automatically control the focal point position and focal point diameter. Combined with fast focal point movement on the workpiece, this allows for efficient platform cutting and maximum efficiency. The cutting head is equipped with 2 protective glasses, 1 in front of the cutting mirror and 1 in front of the collimating mirror.

Safety is always the first priority. Our products are safe and easy to use. Our protective enclosed machines make even the most extreme cuts easy and safe. Our product line is highly adaptable, making them perfect for almost any production or manufacturer. Join our family and make your production safer, faster, and more profitable with a quality laser cutting machine from Baiwei.

The safety design of our products increases the position of the protective glass up to 163 mm to significantly extend the service life of our products (up to 3 times). In addition, the cutting head ensures high cutting quality. The optics are designed to minimize laser-induced focus shifts and reproduction quality is limited by diffraction. The nozzle can be easily adjusted manually in the X and Y directions using lockable precision screws. Larger internal airflow channels ensure a more consistent vertical airflow, resulting in increased cutting speed and cut quality.

Metal fabrication services may seem as old as metalworking, but the field is ripe for innovation. One of these new tools is fiber laser cutting. This method uses fiber optics to generate a laser beam that can cut materials that cannot be cut by gas lasers. Several industries use this cutting tool for a variety of applications, including

Automotive industry

Complexly designed metal parts used in the manufacture of car and truck components require precise cutting for accurate assembly. Fiber lasers can meet the high demands of automotive companies and parts manufacturers. By creating the smoothest, most accurate cuts through studied, fast-paced cutting, laser cutters are ideally suited to the metal manufacturing requirements of the automotive industry.

Fitness Equipment

Everything from rowing machines to ellipticals requires sturdy construction to withstand years of heavy use. As a result, materials used in the industry require similar robustness. The metal parts of fitness equipment benefit from the smooth edges produced by these lasers to reduce injuries to consumers when assembling or using the equipment.

Metal Processing

Older gas-based lasers required a lot of energy to be used. With today’s equipment, metal fabricators can achieve greater precision and use less energy, thus solving metal cutting problems in a more environmentally friendly way. Parts cut in the metal fabrication industry are sent to other builders or manufacturers to become parts for tools, cars, fitness equipment, and more.

Types of Laser Cutting Equipment for U.S. Metal Fabricators

Laser cutting equipment can be classified into three categories based on the state of the active laser medium: gas, liquid, or solid. The types used in laser cutting operations and their configurations vary depending on the part and production specifications.

At US Metal Crafters, we use two fiber lasers for laser cutting operations: a BW 3000-watt BW-G 3015 and a BW 8000-watt fiber laser belong to the category of solid-state lasers, which rely on fiber to transmit, amplify and focus the laser beam during the cutting operation. They offer higher precision, better edge handling, higher energy efficiency, and faster cutting speeds than CO2 lasers (lasers with gaseous active laser media). With these two laser cutting machines, we can satisfy laser cutting projects involving aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, mild steel, and exotic alloys with thicknesses between 0.01 and 0.5 inches.

BW-G3015 is a high precision fiber laser cutting system for sheet metal processing. It is equipped with a highly rigid segmented welding machine with high temperature CNC resistance furnace to ensure long service life. All screw holes and guides are milled by a 5-axis CNC milling machine to maintain levelness. This high quality engineering and craftsmanship results in smooth and high precision cutting quality.

BW-G3015 fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in metal products such as automobile manufacturing, electric power, mechanical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, electrical equipment, elevator equipment, automobile decoration, advertising signs, sheet metal fabrication, display equipment, lighting hardware, precision parts.

In addition to our laser cutting equipment, we also have a complete set of other production facilities to support our laser cutting business. For example, our facility is equipped with a quality 100-ton automatic bending machine from Saventari Brake, which allows us to provide bending services. Other services include grinding, assembly, painting, anodizing, and powder coating.

Benefits of High Power Fiber Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machines

Baiwei fiber lasers are pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what this machine has to offer.

Extremely fast speed

Our CO2 laser cuts .059″ of aluminum or steel at 60″ per minute, but our fiber laser is capable of cutting at an impressive 866″ per minute! Now we can deliver faster and more on the same day. We can now offer same-day rush service and complete production parts for flat metal parts faster than ever before.

Design freedom

There’s no reason to feel limited when designing your parts. Our fiber lasers can create holes, contours, flanges, threads, and even delicate curves and line etchings in sheet metal – all without the thermal distortion caused by CO2 laser cutting machines. Intelligent software strategically moves the laser to avoid overheating an area of the material.

Automatic features

Our fiber lasers are equipped with an ultra-smart computer with automatic nozzle change that cleans and selects the right tool for the cut currently in use. Another great feature is the part sorting robot, a fully automated solution that sorts and deposits parts in specific bins, remove the remaining skeleton of the part from the main cutting space, and replaces it with a new sheet of metal. Now, that’s automation at its best!

Cutting process monitoring system

Our fiber laser is designed to work reliably and efficiently, and it can detect when a part is not being machined correctly. For example, if a part misses a cut, the monitoring system will sound an alarm until the problem is resolved. This incredible detection system produces highly accurate parts and saves expensive rework time.

Material flexibility

With our new fiber laser, we can process a variety of materials, including steel, copper, and brass. We can also cut thicker materials. Previously, we could only cut up to ⅛” stainless steel, but now we can cut up to ½” stainless steel and aluminum. That’s 4 times the thickness of material that a CO2 laser cutter can handle!

Better edge quality.

Our fiber laser has such a precise native cut that it virtually eliminates the need for deburring, reducing costs and lead times for our customers. The machine’s telescoping system allows our operators to control the shape of the laser, so they can cut nicer, sharper, sharper edges to nail those tight tolerances.

Reduced cost and energy consumption.

Because a fiber laser does not require gas to operate, it has lower energy and maintenance requirements. The total operating cost of a fiber laser is half that of a CO2 laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine applications

The laser cutting process is used to produce a variety of industrial components from sheet metal. Some examples of typical laser cut components and products include brackets (structural or decorative elements used to support other components) and enclosures/enclosures (partially or completely enclosed structures used to house electrical and electronic components).

Laser cutting offers many manufacturing advantages, including in terms of cutting accuracy, precision, and speed. At US Metal Crafters, we are fully aware of these qualities and how they can benefit industrial companies. As a result, we provide precision laser cutting services to customers from a wide range of industries in the southeastern United States and beyond, including aerospace, agriculture, furniture, hardware, solar, and more. By partnering with us for their laser cutting needs, they can benefit from us.

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