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How long is the life of the laser tube? How to repair the aging of the laser tube

The laser tube is the core of the light source of some CO2 laser cutting machines and laser marking machines. It usually consists of three parts: hard glass, resonator, and electrodes. The hard glass part also includes a three-layer structure of discharge tube, water cooling jacket, and gas storage jacket. . Lasers are consumables, so life becomes a key factor for users to choose and buy. The difference in life is mainly caused by processing technology and design technology. Domestic glass lasers generally need to be replaced every 1500 hours; foreign products generally have better quality, stable light output, low failure rate, and can be repeatedly inflated for more than ten years of normal use. , using its company’s laser cutter to achieve high-efficiency production. How long is the life of the laser tube? How to repair the aging of the laser tube? Next, let’s learn about it with Baiwei Laser.

How long is the life of the laser tube?
The general life is 5000-10000 hours, but when the laser tube works continuously for more than 4 hours, the laser tube will rise rapidly. When the speed of temperature rise exceeds the speed of heat dissipation of the laser tube, the load of the laser tube will increase, and the laser tube will be in In the case of high temperature, the life will decrease rapidly.
How to repair the aging of laser tube
1. Visual inspection
Test the machine with no load, observe whether there are red light spots on the instant object pot, and compare the size and brightness of the light spots with the normal machine.
If it is not bright when it is on, it can be judged whether the light pipe is abnormal.
2. Resistance method
Short-circuit the protection point on the laser head and ground the workbench to measure the forward and reverse resistance of the laser emitting diode. Under normal circumstances, the forward resistance is 18k-36k. The reverse resistance
The resistance is ∞, otherwise it means that the laser tube is aging or has poor performance.
3. Current method
Measure the voltage drop across the load resistor of the laser diode emitter, calculate its on-circuit current, and compare it with the rated current marked on the laser head. If the measured value is obvious
Greater or lower than the rated value, indicating that the laser tube has been damaged.
4. Power method
Use the laser power detector probe to align the laser objective lens to directly measure the laser power, and the reading should be above 0.1mW. If it is less than 0.1mW, the laser tube is aging.
At this time, the optical power potentiometer on the mixing head can be adjusted to see if the laser power can be recovered.

Precautions for the use of laser tubes
1 When using, please connect the cooling water first, choose the principle of low input and high output, adjust the position of the water outlet, please ensure that the cooling water is filled with oil, and there can be no bubbles in the pipe, and then turn on the power.
2. The two support points of the laser tube should be at the point of 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube, to ensure that the flow of cooling water is 2L-4L/min; otherwise, the effect is not good, it will cause mode jumping, and the spot will change to several points, resulting in power Down; the cooling water return port must be covered with water in the water tank, otherwise the cooling water in the laser tube will not be filled every time the machine is turned off.
3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the output window of the laser to prevent the smoke generated during the operation (including the debugging of the optical path) from sputtering to the surface of the output window, to prevent the surface of the output window from being polluted, and the power will drop. At this time, absorbent cotton or silk can be used to dip Gently wipe the surface of the output port with anhydrous alcohol.
4. During the debugging process, adjust the laser support point or rotate the laser orientation to achieve the best output effect, and then fix the laser.
5. To prevent the accumulation of dust near the high-voltage electrode, keep it dry, and keep the high-voltage end as far away from the metal as possible to prevent high-voltage ignition and discharge.
6. During the operation of the laser, there should be no scale formed in the cooling pipe to prevent the formation of cooling water blockage and poor heat dissipation. Once found, the cooling pipe can be cleaned with 20% dilute hydrochloric acid to remove scale.

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