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How much does a laser metal cutting machine cost?

How much does a stainless steel laser cutting machine cost?

The price of stainless steel laser cutting machine 1kw-20kw is about 23,800USD-258,000USD. As a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, Bavet has brought great benefits to electric power manufacturing, food machinery, agricultural machinery, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, rail transportation, elevator manufacturing, pharmaceutical machinery, aerospace and military, petroleum machinery, metal structures, etc. Bestway laser equipment is sold to all over the world.

How to choose the right laser cutting machine?

As we all know, laser cutting machine is widely used in the sheet metal processing industry. With the development of industry, laser cutting machine is loved by more and more customers for their fast cutting speed and perfect cutting seam. How to choose the right power laser cutting machine is a concern of the majority of consumers. As a factory manufacturer with 18 years of professional production of laser cutting machine, this article will give you some reference advice.

We recommend first choosing the right power, we can choose according to the thickness of their factories often cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper plate, etc., for example, cutting carbon steel below 20mm, we recommend that you choose 3kw. and in the choice of power, to choose a larger power appropriately. In general, cutting the same thickness of the plate, the greater the power, the faster the speed.

In fact, it is recommended that you determine the width of the plate to be processed, our smallest is G3015 3m * 1.5m, as a manufacturer, we support customization, and the largest width that can be done is G13532 13.5m * 3.2m, which is also the most mature and largest equipment in the industry at present.

Why choose the Baiwei stainless steel laser cutting machine?

  1. Baiwei laser cutting machine uses heavy plate welding machine tools to ensure the stability of the machine tool in the long-term use of the process, not easy to deform.
  2. There are reinforcement bars inside the machine tool to ensure the stability of the machine tool
  3. Each machine tool of the Baiwei laser cutting machine has undergone heat treatment, and the bed will not be deformed after 20 years of use.
  4. Baiwei laser industry’s largest large gantry processing center, we can provide customized solutions to customers, we can currently achieve the largest machine width is 13.5 * 3.2m.
  5. We have dozens of large gantry machining centers to process machine tools and beams, we can ensure that each of our machine tools and beams is in the factory before the original accuracy of 0.01mm, and customers enjoy high-precision products in the long-term use of the process.
  6. We will use a Swiss laser interferometer to check and compensate for the accuracy of each machine before delivery to ensure the accuracy of 0.01mm before delivery.

Laser cutting machine technical parameters

Model BW-G12025
Cutting range 12000x2500mm (Optional)
Laser power 1kw/2kw/3kw/4kw/6kw/8kw/10kw/12kw/15kw/20kw/30kw (Optional)
Max moving speed 100m/min
Max cutting speed 35-80m/min
Positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.02mm
Min line width 0.1mm

FAQ of the metal sheet laser cutting machine

1. How should I choose the right laser-cutting machine for me?
Very easy to choose. Just tell us what you want to do with your CNC laser machine, and then let us provide you with the perfect solution and

2. I got this laser cutting machine and I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?
We will send you a video and an English manual with the machine. If you still have questions, we can talk to you by phone or Whatsapp, or email.

3. What can you buy from us?
Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, laser marking machine.

4. Why should you buy laser cutting machine from us and not from other suppliers?
Our equipment is sold to more than 70 countries and regions at home and abroad. Baiwei Laser always insists on the business philosophy of being customer-centered, quality first, innovation and development, and treating people sincerely.

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted delivery terms: FOB, CIF, DDU.
Accepted payment currencies: USD, EUR.
Accepted payment methods: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union, Escrow;
Language: Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Italian

Finally, if you still have questions, we have a professional sales team to answer them for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult our company.

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