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How To Choose The Right Laser Cutting Machine

What should you pay attention to when buying a laser cutting machine? A lot depends on what you plan to do with your laser machine.

Here are a few things you should consider before investing in a laser machine:

1. What materials do you want to process?

2. How big is your workpiece?

3. How do you want to use your laser and how much laser power do you need for this?

Laser type: what material do you want to process?

The material you will be engraving or cutting determines the type of laser you will need. If you want to process organic materials such as wood, glass, paper or leather, you will need a CO2 laser. To mark metal or plastic, you need a fiber laser. If you want to do both, the flex laser is perfect for you as it has both CO2 and fiber lasers in one machine.

The size of the work area: how big is your workpiece?

The size of the workpiece to be engraved or cut determines the size of the laser machine. In addition, the number of workpieces per order also plays an important role. If your order contains multiple items, they can be processed in one process. So you save time and increase productivity.

Laser Power: Higher Power Provides Greater Flexibility

The most important criterion when choosing the laser power for your laser machine is the application you expect to use the laser the most. If the laser is primarily used for engraving, for laser cutting or ultra-high speed applications, we recommend using a laser power above 1000 watts. Depending on the type of material, different laser powers will lead to the best results.

1. Power supply

The power output of the machine will determine how much work the machine can cut. Laser cutters with higher cutting power outputs are capable of cutting denser materials than alternative machines with lower cutting power. So, depending on the material you plan to cut, you should be able to choose a machine that matches the power you need.

2. Price

It is under this factor that your budget will be affected the most. Baiwei can customize your laser cutting machine according to your company’s requirements, while providing you with the best products at low prices. The main things you should consider are the workload of the laser cutter you are buying and how much you are willing to spend.

3. Quality

BaiWei Laser offers the best quality laser machines at the best prices. However, among these machines, one machine functions slightly differently from the other. Nevertheless, you should always make an effort to buy certified machines from legitimate companies like Prakash and never buy counterfeit products.

4. Bed size

Bed size refers to the X-Y dimension of the platform on which the material for cutting is placed. This factor is influenced by the size of the material you are dealing with. For example. The acrylic industry typically requires a machine with a 900 x 1300 mm working area to cut large acrylic sheets. Machines with larger bed sizes will have room to cut huge materials in one go. Different models of the same category have different bed sizes.

5. Cooling and ventilation

Machines tend to heat up when in use due to the excess heat generated by the electrical current and moving parts rubbing against each other. Therefore, it is very important to purchase a laser cutter with a proper cooling system to counteract this heat. Otherwise, the work environment can become very uncomfortable. Keeping these factors in mind, all our machines are equipped with high quality coolers that are connected to provide a proper cooling system with low maintenance costs.

6. Software requirements

The factor of software requirements is a huge one, especially when it comes to the system of units used by the machine. For example, some machines are programmed to work with SI units, so if you buy this machine and your field work uses BG units, it will be busy. This would require a conversion in each instance, which would be tedious.

7. Floor area

This refers to the amount of space this machine will take up in the workshop. It is not recommended to buy a large machine when you only have a small space in your workshop. In this case, you should buy the small one. The best options can be discussed with our team.

8. Accessories

Some laser cutters will have additional features which can be a huge advantage. For example, using the one that comes with the rotary tool when sculpting round objects makes it more useful than one that only has the ability to cut planes. Depending on the model, optional accessories required for optimum performance can be discussed.

9. maintenance

Every machine is designed to increase efficiency and increase the work done every time. Every machine requires proper maintenance in order to continue to function properly. Maintaining a laser cutter is easy with simple guidelines.

10. Benefits of laser cutting machine

Make sure you evaluate all the benefits. In terms of productivity, the machine has a high cutting speed and is very effective in terms of precision errors. This machine helps to reduce power consumption and time. The machine is well designed and compact so it is easy to use. The laser cutting machine is automated, so it is easy to store, load and unload.

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