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How to Start Your Business with Laser Cutter?

Laser engraving is a lucrative way to start a business in a growing industry that requires only a small investment.

Thanks to technological developments, laser engraving machines are now compact, inexpensive, and easily accessible. It is for this reason that an ordinary person can easily start earning money with a laser machine.

We are here to provide a comprehensive and complete step-by-step guide to help you start a laser engraving and cutting business. We will dig deeper into each step to discover the challenges involved, what you need to do and how you can nail each step.

Laser systems are so easy to use that you’ll be up and running in no time and are so affordable that they usually pay for themselves in a very short space of time! Whether you choose to open a business or work from home, you will find that laser engraving is a profitable new way to start a laser engraving business

What do I need to start a business?

A laser machine will get you up and running in no time. All you need is the laser machine, your own computer, and your favorite graphics software package. The laser machine works like a printer – you import your graphics, images or text, place the artwork on your engraved piece and it’s ready to engrave in just a few minutes!

Why start a laser engraving business

First of all, you can start a small laser engraving/cutting business at home or in your garage. In the beginning, the workshop does not need to be very large.

Secondly, it does not require a large investment. Benchtop laser machines are quite inexpensive and you can easily make a living out of them.

Today, we are seeing the development of customised and unique products on the market. All of these products can be made with a laser machine. You can make almost anything from compatible materials. You can realise a huge range of ideas while sitting at home.

You don’t need special expertise to operate a laser machine. All you need to do is learn a few things and get to grips with safety measures. It doesn’t take much to become an expert.

There are countless laser products on the market for sale. You can also realize your ideas and bring something new or better to people. There is a huge opportunity there.

Most importantly, it is easier to sell laser products than other products. The market is huge and you can sell your products on many platforms and through various channels.

Simply put, laser engraving and cutting machines are a great investment. You can make a living from it. It offers the better and faster return on investment that you could ever hope for. In addition, you have the opportunity to scale up and take it to the next level.

Step 1: Choosing a machine

There are now different types of machines available and for a newcomer it becomes difficult to choose the right one. This is the most important step in starting a laser engraving business, as your main investment is in a laser machine.

Before delving into the types of laser engravers and cutters, we should understand the relationship between power and engraving/cutting.

For engraving, low power is appropriate as it gives a very fine spot, which is best for engraving. If you try to engrave with a high power machine then the spot will be very large and the results will not be very good.

For cutting, the high power of a laser machine is best. It takes less times and less time to cut the material. Low power lasers are not suitable for cutting.

You only need to consider this power when buying a machine. The other power ratings are the machine power and the modular electrical power. These give you an idea of the power consumption.

You may be wondering which power you should choose, high or low power. We will explore this, but it also depends on the type of laser machine you want. So, let’s discuss the type of laser machine first, and then what laser power you should choose.

Step 2: Learn how to use a laser engraver/cutter

Having a laser engraver and cutter is not enough. You also need to learn how to use the machine and the software, and all sorts of other things you need to know. But don’t worry, you can easily master all of these things in no time at all. We will list some of the important things to consider. You should learn as much as you can about these.

Step 3: Find a lucrative target market

People usually neglect to choose a market of interest and they try to sell whatever they see. If you want to increase your sales and make a good profit, you need to choose the right niche.

There are many niche markets of interest such as photo engraving, making custom keychains/gifts and decorative items. These markets are vast, so you can also narrow down and pick something that is profitable as well as a hot seller. You can visit offline or look up some information online to get an idea of the number of customers and the market. You can also check what local customers are selling in their shops and at events. Once you understand the potential of the product, you can start making it.

Step 4: Purchase materials and design files

In order to make any product, you will need to purchase the right materials. For example, if you want to produce an engraved photograph, you will need to choose the right plywood, which offers better contrast and has less visible texture.

You will need to list the products you need for your project. You then need to check online shops, local shops and markets from where you can buy them. Make sure you check several websites to get the best prices. Sometimes, if there are any clearance sales, you can get better prices from local shops.

Step 5: Going to market

Selling your products is an obvious struggle step in launching a laser business. You can make dozens of products, but if you can’t sell them, your efforts are useless.

If you want to sell laser engraving and cutting products, you should leave no stone unturned. This means trying everything from an online marketplace to a simple shop near you.

Firstly, you could try selling products online. Aside from Etsy, you can try Amazon, eBay, or anything you can try. If you have a blog or website, you can also promote your products there. Using social media is the best place to launch your laser engraving business.

Step 6: Pricing

Firstly, you need to bear in mind the cost of materials. You have already purchased the material, so determine how many items you can make with it. After the cost of materials, you need to add in advertising, electricity, shipping, packaging, and any expenses. You also need to remember that the laser machine you are using is a huge investment, so you need to get a return on that as well.

Once you have determined the cost of making your product, you can then set a suitable retail and wholesale price. Make sure there is a sufficient margin to cover your own labour costs and investment in the machine. Try to keep your prices reasonable. You can refer to the prices of your peers

Step 7: Grow your business

When you want to make a living from your laser engraving and cutting business, you need to develop it gradually. In order to grow, you need some reliable customers or partners.

The most reliable customers and partners you have, the more reliable your business will be. You will have a constant source of income.

Step 8: Increase your productivity

Once you have reliable customers, a healthy online seller profile and a constant flow of orders, it’s time to expand your business. You’ll need more machines to increase productivity.

You can also get a CO2 laser machine as it is capable of cutting and engraving a wide range of materials. It has the potential to increase your range of products. Upgrade your existing machine and gradually buy a new one. You can quickly scale up your business and increase productivity.


Starting a laser engraving and cutting business is not extremely complicated. If you know the right path to take, you can start your own business. We have explained the eight basic steps required to start a business. You need to pay attention to each step, as each one has its own unique importance. These steps give you a clear understanding of what you can do, how you can do it, and what to expect at the end. Once you have mastered all these steps, you are ready to launch your business. If you need a laser cutting machine, please contact us. We’ll give you some support.

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