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Introduction of the laser cutting machine

Laser cutting is a high-precision, high-efficiency metal processing technology with a wide range of applications. In the laser cutting process, the laser beam is focused on a small spot, and the metal sheet is cut into the desired shape and size by high energy density. This article will introduce the principles, equipment, and applications of laser cutting metal sheets.


The principle of laser cutting metal plates is to use the high energy density of the laser beam to heat the metal above the melting point, and then use airflow or auxiliary materials to blow the molten metal away to form the desired cutting shape. During the laser cutting process, the laser beam needs to undergo multiple reflections and focusing to achieve sufficient energy density. Therefore, laser cutting equipment usually includes components such as a laser source, mirror, lens, cutting head, and auxiliary material injection system.


Laser-cutting equipment usually consists of the following parts:

1. Laser source: The laser source is the core component of laser cutting equipment, used to generate high-energy, high-density laser beams. Common laser sources include carbon dioxide lasers, fiber lasers, and semiconductor lasers with higher beam quality.

2. Reflector: The reflector is used to reflect the laser beam to the cutting head, usually composed of multiple reflectors. The material and surface treatment of the mirror will affect the reflection effect of the laser beam, thereby affecting the cutting quality.

3. Lens: The lens is used to focus the laser beam and usually consists of multiple lenses. Parameters such as the material of the lens and the radius of curvature will affect the focusing effect of the laser beam, thereby affecting the cutting quality.

4. Cutting head: The cutting head includes parts such as air jet and focus adjuster, which are used to inject auxiliary gas and adjust the focus point of the laser beam.

5. Auxiliary material injection system: The auxiliary material injection system is used to inject auxiliary materials such as oxygen, nitrogen or inert gas to accelerate


The advantage of laser cutting metal sheets is that it is non-contact, without tools, cutting fluid, or mechanical movement, and will not cause deformation and damage to the workpiece. Moreover, the laser-cutting metal plate has high precision, which can reach the precision of 0.05mm, so high-precision cutting can be realized. At the same time, the laser cutting speed is fast, because the laser cutting is carried out in a short time, so the manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened. In addition, laser-cutting metal plates can cut various materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, copper, and other metal materials, and can realize cutting of complex shapes with a wide range of applications.

Applications for laser cutting sheet metal include industries such as manufacturing, construction, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing. In the manufacturing industry, laser cutting technology is widely used in the manufacture of sheet metal parts, molds, mechanical parts, etc. In the field of construction, laser cutting technology is used to manufacture stairs, railings, various decorative materials, etc. In aerospace, laser cutting technology is used to manufacture aircraft components, aero engines, satellites, etc. In the field of automobile manufacturing, laser-cutting technology is used to manufacture body parts, seat frames, etc.

Laser-cutting metal sheets are widely used in industrial production. Laser-cutting machines are widely used in fields such as automotive, electronics, aerospace, and construction. It can be used to cut various sheet metals such as steel, aluminum, copper and titanium, etc. In addition, laser-cutting machines can also be used to cut non-metallic materials such as plastic, paper, and wood.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

High precision: The laser beam has extremely high positioning accuracy and can perform high-precision cutting on metal plates, especially for complex shapes.

High speed: Since the laser beam can complete the process of melting and vaporizing the metal plate in an instant, it can achieve high-speed cutting and save processing time.

High quality: Laser cutting enables high-quality cutting, reducing the width and deformation of the cutting seam.

Non-contact: Laser cutting is a non-contact processing method, which can reduce damage and deformation of the metal plate and improve the service life of the metal plate.

Automatable: Laser cutting can be combined with a computer control systems to realize automatic processing and improve production efficiency and processing accuracy.

Processing complex shapes: Laser cutting machines can realize cutting of complex shapes by controlling the position and intensity of the laser beam.

Laser cutting technology has become an advanced cutting technology widely used in modern industry. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting technology, laser cutting technology has higher precision and efficiency, and can handle more complex shapes and materials. In the field of sheet metal processing, laser cutting technology has become an irreplaceable process.

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