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Successfully reached cooperation with Canadian customers

Country: Canada
Application: Shipbuilding
Product Features: Model: BW-G6020
Laser Power:500w/1kw/2kw/3kw/4kw/6kw/8kw10kw/12kw
Max.moving Speed:100m/min
Max.cutting Speed:35-80m/min
Positioning accuracy:0.03mm
Re-position accuracy: 0.02mm
Min.Line Width:0.1mm
In the field of shipbuilding, the marine steel plate cut by laser has good kerf quality, good verticality of the notch surface, no slag, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no need for secondary processing, can be directly welded, and has small thermal deformation, curve cutting High precision, reduce working hours, and achieve barrier-free cutting of high-strength ship plates.


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