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Top 10 laser cutting machine manufacturers in the world

The fiber laser beam is able to cut reflective metals with less energy because the laser is absorbed by the metal being cut. In addition to mild steel and stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and galvanized steel can also be easily cut by the fiber laser. The power consumption of a fiber laser is only 20% to 30% of that of a CO2 laser. The increased electrical efficiency of the fiber laser greatly reduces the power consumption of the fiber laser system, saving electricity costs and reducing the initial investment in electrical equipment. The efficiency of fiber lasers far exceeds that of YAG or CO2 lasers. Fiber lasers cut thin metals twice as fast as YAG or CO2 lasers: carbon and stainless steels up to 8 mm (0.31 in.) are among the metals that typically benefit from fiber laser technology. Fiber lasers have an expected lifetime of greater than 100,000 hours of continuous or pulsed operation. Fiber lasers do not require routine maintenance. No laser gas is required. The laser beam quality is stable over time and is ready for immediate use at startup.

Fiber laser engravers are better at etching metals. Diode engravers can handle both, but they work at a slower speed. We recommend checking product descriptions and user feedback to see exactly what types of materials an engraver can handle. The shape of the object. Do you want to etch a design on an object with a flat surface? Or do you intend to engrave on a cylindrical object with curves? If it’s just the former, any ordinary laser engraver can work for you. They have a large work surface that can accommodate flat items. But for cylindrical items, you will need to look for a rotary axis. This accessory is usually attached to a regular laser engraving machine and can engrave on glasses, mugs, etc. Also, check that the engraver can align the design on uneven surfaces.  

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the following brands of laser cutting machines produced by


Founded in Germany in 1923 as a machine shop, Trumpf has developed into a world-class company in the fields of industrial machine tools, laser technology, and electronics. Since its foundation in 1923, TRUMPF has developed into an international market and technology leader in its various business areas. If the product material is relatively homogeneous and large in number, Trumpf is a good choice. The cutting heads are easy to change and the cutting lenses are easy to clean, but their manual operation function is not very useful. Trumpf The construction of the tabletop laser cutting machines produced by Tongkuai is based on CNC punching and shearing machines. Their advantage is that they have an advantage when cutting steel plates up to 6mm, with faster cutting and movement speeds. The disadvantage, however, is the small working surface, usually 1.5*3m or 2*4m. If cutting 6m or 9m long steel plates, the plate must be cut into several parts and then cut on the laser cutter, which reduces productivity and material usage.

2. Bystronic

Bystronic was founded in 1964 in Switzerland. The company specializes in the automatic control of the entire material and data flow in the cutting and bending process chain. Its range of activities includes laser cutting systems, bending machines, and their corresponding automation and software solutions. It is a company that provides solutions for sheet metal processing. It currently has more than 30 branches worldwide, which are responsible for sales operations and the provision of technical services. When it comes to manual operations, Bystronic is arguably one of the better companies. In terms of adjusting processing parameters, it is more of a sham. Relatively speaking, the average operator may prefer it. However, there is not enough manual adjustment options (for materials such as hot-rolled sheets where the quality is not very stable).

Bystronic is a globally leading technology company in the area of sheet metal processing. Our high-quality solutions enable transformation into a productive and sustainable future. The focus is on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain. The intelligent connectivity of our laser cutting systems and press brakes with innovative automation, software, and service solutions is the key to comprehensive digitalization in the sheet metal industry.

3. Tanaka

TANAKA specialises in gantry-type laser cutting machines with a large table structure. The advantage is that for the cutting of medium-thick plates, the working surface is relatively large (the length of the working surface can be several decimetres and the width can be 3-6 meters), so that, for example, a 3*9 or 2*6 meter sheet of metal can be cut directly on the table. The disadvantage is that the laser generator is very heavy because it moves with the machine and is much slower than a tabletop laser cutter when cutting thin sheets of up to 3 mm. The Japanese TANAKA laser cutting machine is characterized by cutting thick plates, up to 30 mm. It is mainly used for the processing of structural parts. It has few rivals when it comes to processing large workpieces and thick plates.

4. Epilog Laser USA

Epilog Lasers was founded in 1988 with the idea of bringing CO2 laser technology to commercial manufacturers and business owners. After more than 30 years of designing and engineering the highest quality laser machines, our equipment can now be found in all types of environments, from sign shops to schools to industrial manufacturing facilities and beyond.

In 2018, Epilog celebrates its 30th year in business. We’ve come so far as a company in the last few decades – building a custom manufacturing facility and warehouse in Colorado; developing and introducing new laser machines and software capabilities; opening additional sales and distribution facilities in Canada and the Netherlands; and adding to our national and international teams. We can’t wait to continue to build revolutionary machines for the next 30+ years and turn laser operators into lifelong customers.

In 2019, Epilog introduces the Fusion Pro laser series, which features an engraving speed of 165 inches per second (4.2 m/s), 5 grams of acceleration, and the IRIS™ camera system. This valuable tool features an overhead camera that allows users to see a live image of the laser bed, so they can position artwork precisely on the engraved piece in less time than ever before. The IRIS camera system not only saves customers time when setting up a job, but it helps eliminate the need to re-run jobs when you know exactly where your engraving will appear, thus greatly reducing the waste of material.

5. Amanda

Amanda, founded in Japan in 1946, is a large multinational company specializing in CNC punching machines, bending machines, shearing machines, laser cutting machines, and other sheet metal processing machinery.

As a comprehensive metalworking machinery manufacturer with direct sales and service, it has contributed to the development of the world economy in four major fields: sheet metal, punching, cutting, and machine tools.

AMADA’s Fiber Laser Cutting Systems and CO2 Laser Cutting Systems range from 3kW to 12kW. Their advanced motion and innovative beam delivery systems are engineered to raise productivity, increase cut quality and reduce operating costs. customers to maximize their productivity and profitability. The laser technology in AMADA fiber laser and CO2 cutting machines allows for high cutting speeds and the flexibility to process a wide range of materials like aluminum, steel, copper, and brass resulting in Process Range Expansion (P.R.E.).

The REGIUS 3015 AJ fiber laser is the pinnacle in speed, accuracy, and machine utilization. The high-speed 3-axis linear drive system combined with AMADA’s original Variable Beam Control Technology allows the REGIUS to provide unmatched productivity while processing different materials. The REGIUS is also packed with features to support autonomous operation such as lens monitoring, collision recovery, and automatic nozzle change & centering.

6. Mazak

Established in Japan in 1919, Mazak specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for compound machining, 5-axis machining, milling, turning, CNC and automation. It is one of the few machine tool manufacturers to have established a global production system. The smartest laser machine in the world is Mazak’s, which can cut not only 3D workpieces but also special profiles and software. It is also equipped with equipment that allows tapping and chamfering after laser cutting.

Since our inception, we have been well ahead of other manufacturers in expanding our production facilities and service support bases around the world and in promoting globalization. We will continue to provide products and technologies that contribute to productivity in order to contribute to the growth of the manufacturing industry and the business of our customers around the world. At Mazak, as a machine tool manufacturer, we define our mission as dedicating ourselves to our valued customers, our employees, and the global community. Mazak machine tools are called “mother machines” because they are used to build other machines that produce almost everything we use in our daily lives.

Today, manufacturers are facing many challenges, including labor shortages. By utilizing advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, we will accelerate the development of new products and services so that we can provide solutions to our valued customers and transform their factories into smart plants.

7. Salvagnini

Top 20 laser cutting machine manufacturers in 2022 17

Founded in 1963, Salvagnini is a company specialising in the development, manufacture, and sale of flexible equipment and systems such as flexible production lines for sheet metal, fiber laser cutting machines, robots, plate benders, and automated logistics warehouses.

It has become a global model for flexible sheet metal processing technology and is committed to providing intelligent sheet metal factory solutions. Salvagnini’s North American headquarters are centrally located in the Cincinnati suburb of Hamilton, Ohio. It’s the place to come for metal fabrication solutions. In our product showroom, you will see the latest technologies for punching, laser cutting, bending, and the automation that turns operations into processing systems. Salvagnini America encourages potential customers to bring part drawings so that we can demonstrate how easily our machines and systems can solve your most stubborn production problems. During your visit, you can confer not only with systems sales managers but also an entire team of fabrication industry experts – product specialists, technical service personnel, project managers, software counselors – every human resource you will ever need to help you create the most productive, profitable, efficient and lean shop imaginable.

8. PrimaPower

A well-known brand in sheet metal processing machinery and systems and a renowned supplier of 3D laser cutting machines, PrimaPower’s products cover all applications of laser processing, stamping, shearing, bending, and automation, covering all stages of sheet metal processing, and is one of the manufacturers with a broad product range in this field.

A highly complete range of servo-electric solutions for stamping, bending and integrated machining is available worldwide.

Prima Power is the leading specialist in laser and sheet metal processing technology, and that’s what we make for you every day, everywhere. Prima Power is a leader in laser and sheet metal processing equipment, with strong expertise in mechatronics, optoelectronics, automation, and software. Our product range is one of the widest in the industry, covering all stages of the sheet metal processing process. 2D and 3D laser machines, punch and combination punch/laser machines and punch/shear machines, bending machines, panel bending machines, flexible manufacturing systems, and automation. Our production sites are located in Italy, Finland, the USA, and China, from which we supply machines and systems all over the world. Our range of highly advanced servo-electric solutions for punching, bending and integrated processes are the most extensive in the world and are marketed under the slogan “Efficient use of energy”. We are the undisputed leader in the field of 3D laser machines and one of the world’s major players in the field of 2D laser machines, with a wide range of top-performance and highly efficient machines in use in numerous fields worldwide.

9. Messer

Messer Founded in Germany in 1898, Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of comprehensive solutions for the metalworking industry with reliable cutting technology, flexible service, and intelligent software solutions. Products include flame, plasma, and laser cutting systems for the manual to shipbuilding industries, as well as machines and equipment for oxygen welding, cutting, soldering, brazing, and heating.

We are a technology and application leader with industry knowledge and application expertise to meet the needs of our customers in the industrial, food, medical, chemical, and electronics industries. We offer over 120 years of proven experience in the safe and reliable production and delivery of industrial, medical, and specialty gases. We are the people you know and trust.

Established in 2019 following the acquisition of our business by the Messer Group and CVC Capital Partners, we draw on a rich heritage of industrial gas expertise to meet our customers’ needs. As part of the Messer Group, we are the largest privately owned industrial gas business in the world. Today, our deep understanding of industry trends and customer needs allows us to work closely with our customers to identify and develop long-term solutions that provide a competitive advantage.

10. iLlaser

Based in Singapore, iLASER PTE. LTD. Is a solution provider company focusing on Photonics Technologies and Digital Fabrication Solutions for Research and Industrial applications?  We aim to provide excellent products that drive the vision and infinite possibilities. Our commitment to service and support, so to achieve true customer satisfaction.

We offer different types of laser processing machines such as laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser welding, customized systems, and components.

For the R&D side, we offer different types of laser sources, optomechanics, and measurement instruments. Our Sister Company E5dao Pte Ltd  is focused on homeland security solutions such as Radar Solutions,  Fiber Vibration Sensor, Unman Ship,  etc

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