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Which gas is best for laser cutting?

The fiber laser cutting machine uses a fiber laser generator as the light source, with a high energy density of the laser beam and a stable and reliable light source, it can do both flat cutting and three-dimensional cutting processing, with fast cutting speed and neat and smooth edges, and is widely used in metal cutting processing.

Cutting gas in the choice: oxygen, nitrogen, air.

The use of auxiliary gas in addition to blowing away the coaxial cutting slag within the slit, also cools the surface of the processing object Reduces the heat-affected zone, cooling, and focuses the lens, to prevent soot into the lens to do within the contaminated lens, and lead to the lens overheating choose the type of auxiliary gas, will have a certain impact on the performance of cutting including cutting, speed, cutting, thickness, etc.

  1. oxygen: mainly used for laser cutting carbon high, high thermal plate, tool plate, stainless steel plate, electroplated steel plate, copper plate, copper alloy, etc. The use of oxygen reaction heat is large, the amplitude to improve the cutting efficiency while the resulting oxide film will improve the absorption factor of the beam spectrum of reflective materials incision, the section blackened or dark yellow.
  2. Nitrogen: some metals in the cutting time using nitrogen will form an oxide film on the cutting surface using nitrogen can be effectively carried out to prevent the appearance of oxide film without oxidation, the cutting surface can be directly dissolved, coated film, corrosion resistance, etc. characteristics of the cut section whitish, mainly for stainless steel, electroplated steel, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.
  3. Air: can be supplied directly by the air compressor, so it is very cheap compared with other gases Although air contains about 20% oxygen, the cutting efficiency is far less than oxygen, cutting capacity is similar to that of nitrogen, the cutting surface appears a trace of oxide film, but can be used as a measure to prevent the coating from falling off, the cutting section is yellowed mainly for aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, electroplated steel plate, non-metallic cutting.

The principle of laser

The laser emitted from the laser is focused into a high-power density laser beam by the optical path system to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to the melting or boiling point, while a high-pressure gas coaxial to the speed of light blows away the molten or vaporized metal, thus forming the cut.

  1. The composition of the laser cutting machine: laser, cutting head, system, bed
  2. The laser has a laser-working substance, pumping Yuan, and an optical resonant cavity. In order to form a stable laser, there must first be reflective particles that can form the inversion of the particle beam, which we call activation particles, they can be molecular atoms or ions. Some of these activation particles can exist independently, some must be attached to certain materials for activation particles, to improve the hosting place of materials called wood, they can be solid or liquid mechanism appointment activation particles collectively known as the laser working substrate, in order to form a particle beam, reversal needs to be stimulated to the laser working substance, to complete this task is the pump, Yuan. Different excitation working substances often take different pump Yuan, for example, solid laser, generally using an ordinary light source. Such as the ammonia lamp to do pump Yuan stimulates the working material for light, and a spring light pump, for gas laser working material field is sealed in a glass tube with voltage at both ends through the method of discharge to excite excitation, just laser working material in the particle beam reversal state, can get laser, but his life is very short intensity will not be too high, and light wave mode multi-directional is very poor, the such laser is almost nothing In order to get stable, continuous high quality with certain power, laser output laser, there must also be an optical resonance cavity, he is placed in the laser work material on both sides of the two mirrors composed of one of them is a full reflector, the other as the output mirror to use, with is part of the reflection part of the transmission of the half-reflector, the role of the optical positive strong, mainly has a particle beam inversion state.

The role of the optical resonance cavity, has two main aspects

  1. generated to maintain the laser oscillation, light in the particle beam reversal of the laser work material when propagating to get amplified, due to the existence of optical resonant cavity, on the one hand, in the optical he provides this environment under the action, the cavity photons belong to constantly to the reverse through the sharp bend work object and amplify, on the other hand, due to the resonant cavity there are various losses, such as output, absorption, scattering, etc., the number of photons in the cavity and constantly reduce, when the amplification and attenuation cancel each other out, a stable optical vibration drop can be formed and the output power is a stable laser.
  2. improve the quality of the output laser, because the characteristics of the laser technology and the structure of the resonant cavity have an inseparable link, so you can change the cavity parameters to achieve the purpose of controlling the characteristics of the beam. Such as improving the directionality of the laser, monochromaticity, output power, etc.
  1. Beds: welding, plate joining, casting
  1. The bed structure, bedside 50 cm will have longitudinal reinforcement, every two longitudinal reinforcements inside the transverse reinforcement, and the whole side plate using the whole sheet steel for welding, so as to ensure the unity. The inner side of the bed will have transverse reinforcement bars every 1 m. The middle position will have longitudinal reinforcement bars, if the largest table in the industry is 3.2 m then two reinforcement bars will be made in the middle.
  1. Annealing 12 hours up to 600 degrees, constant temperature for 4 hours, 8 hours to lower the temperature

Rough machining into grinding and polishing

Finishing: the amount of tool feed, broken skin positioning, positive 20 against 5, the main bed of the slide, parallelism and the sub-bed of the docking surface, rack, guide mounting surface, processing cycle, diagonal tolerance within 2 silk, has a twenty-year life.

Basic equipment for laser-cutting machines

1 crossbeam: 6 aluminum; one casting molding; knife feed; light, fast, reduce wear and tear.

  1. rack: YYC, APEX, Taiwan custom s level of accuracy
  2. Guide rail: using Yintai
  3. Motor: Japan Panasonic, Panasonic
  4. High-temperature resistance, refractory brick
  5. High precision: assembly accuracy within 2 silk
  6. Partition dust removal: when the cutting head goes to the corresponding position, the dust removal opens automatically, and the dust removal port is located in the middle, dividing the area force, and dust removal concentration.
  7. Pneumatic piping
  8. Cutting table with a solid core
  9. Equipped with cutting head and laser

Why choose Bavaria laser cutting machines?

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