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Baiwei Laser is one of the most influential suppliers of laser processing equipment in China. Baiwei has the largest processing center in the industry and can customize machines according to customer needs. Baiwei Laser mainly produces fiber laser cutting machines, professional laser tube cutting machines, bending machines and coiling machines.
About Us
Established in 2004, Bevi Laser is a R&D, production, sales and after-sales company with a factory covering 200,000 square kilometers and employing 500 plus staff.
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Baiwei laser cutting machine
About us
Established in 2004, Bevi Group is a professional manufacturer of laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine, laser plate cutting machine, bending machine, Bevi Group factory covers a total area of 200,000 square kilometers and employs more than 500 workers. Baiwei laser, the light of the world.
Baiwei laser cutting machine exports to more than 20 countries, we have our own agents in Korea, Arabia, South Africa, Australia and many other countries.
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